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Sweetie's Scholars

Sweetie's Scholars is a scholarship fund that was started to honor the life of Marcia Dawn 'Sweetie' Oakley.

My Mommy

Marcia Dawn Oakley was born in Kingston, Jamaica on December, 7 1960.  She was immediately given the nickname 'Sweetie' by the nurses in the hospital.  Growing up it was very rare to hear anyone call her Marcia. Sweetie had become her name. 

Marcia 'Sweetie' Oakley immigrated to the United States at the young age of 13. She arrived ready to take advantage of everything that America had to offer.  She worked for several companies throughout her life and excelled at them all. She received top earner awards often, but her true love was being an entrepreneur.  No matter what her 9-5 job was, she always focused on starting her own business.

Sweetie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her early thirties. A diagnosis at such a young age, could have easily led someone to withdraw or wallow in self-pity. This would not be the path that she would choose.  After surgeries and treatments she emerged stronger than ever.

After years of personal and professional growth her dream became a reality when she started The Global Domestics Agency in NYC, it was a service that linked experienced and qualified nannies to families throughout the tristate area.  With an office in the heart of NYC, she was ready to take on the world and make her mark in the staffing industry.

In 2002 the breast cancer returned.  Even while in the hospital her focus was on getting back on her feet and growing her business. Sadly, this time around there was no surgery or treatment that would remove it.

Marcia Dawn Oakley's strength and self-confidence was admired by everyone that knew her.  She was everyone's 'Sweetie'.

This scholarship was created in her honor. To support the visions of students that desire to lead the pack and create their own way. Students that will become the inventors of new products, start new Fortune 500 companies and through fulfilling their own dreams provide opportunities for those around them.


For more info or to donate to Sweetie's Scholars please contact us